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Royal Worcester reticulated vase by George Owen

Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

Jay Strongwater Crystal Encrusted Glass Ornaments

Anyone who has perused the luxury catalogs or shopped the high end boutiques is familiar with Jay Strongwater’s accessory designs. It’s art that is translated into miniature jeweled treasures. Jeweled and flowered frames, enameled boxes, candlesticks, mirrors, lamp, tables and of course, elaborately jeweled Christmas ornaments.Strongwater started his career in 1982. After getting raves for a piece of jewelry he made for his mother, he took samples to the open buyer days at New York’s department stores. But his big break came from a meeting with none other than Oscar de la Renta, who collaborated with Strongwater for his fashion runway jewels.

Renе Jules Lalique (1860-1945, French)

Elegant Perfume Bottles

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Demetre Chiparus(1886, Dorohoi, Romania - 1947, Paris, France)

Demetre Haralamb Chiparus-was a Romanian Art Deco era sculptor who lived and worked in Paris.He was born in Romania, the son of Haralamb and Saveta. In 1909 he went to Italy, where he attended the classes of Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli. In 1912 he traveled to Paris to attend the Ecole des Beaux Arts to pursue his art at the classes of Antonin Mercie and Jean Boucher. Demetre Chiparus died in 1947 and was buried in Bagneux cemetery, just south of Paris.

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Rene Jules Lalique (France, 1860-1945)

Rene Lalique - French jeweler during the early 20th century whose designs in jewelry and glass contributed significantly to the Art Nouveau movement at the turn of the century.

An exquisitely designed Lalique belt buckle blooming with irises, 1897.

Nautilus cup

Nautilus Pitcher. Three dolphins form the cup's stem with bands winding around the shell and covering its rim. 1570. Pearls, rubies, and turquoise, mounted with gilt silver Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence.
Nautilus cup. 1592. Silver gilt, nautilus shell, glass and enamel, height 27 cm, diameter 10 cm. Gemeente Musea, Delft. This Nautilus cup example from Delft was made by an immigrant artist, possibly by Nicolaes de Grebber (master in Delft in 1574, died in Delft in 1613).

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Carl Fabergу (1846 – 1920) - Order Of St. George Egg

Order Of St. George Egg - Original fitted velvet-covered egg-shaped; lid lining stamped in gold: Eagle/K. Fabergé /Petrograd/Moscow/Odessa/London Presented by Tsar Nicholas II to the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on Easter 1916, the egg commemorates the 1915 presentation of the Order of St. 
George. The Order was created by Catherine the Great to be bestowed by members of the army for military bravery. Nicholas II was presented with the highest class of the Order for his leadership during the First World War. His 12-year-old son, Alexis, who had joined him at army headquarters, received a lower grade of the decoration. A ribbon in the Order's colors of black and orange encircle representations of the medals presented to the Tsar and Tsarevich. 

When a button is pressed, painted miniatures of the honored recipients are revealed under their respective awards. Soon after receiving the egg, Maria Feodorovna was forced into exile. The Order of St. George Egg was hidden in a jewel box she carried while fleeing the country. It was the only Imperial egg to leave Russia in the possession of its original recipient.