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Collection of Claret Jugs

A small collection of silver mounted antique wine ewers,  is a private collection - the owner of the collection karaffensammler, Austria - [www.karaffensammler.at]
Hunt and Roskell - London 1843 ( Pair ) This pair of frosted glass and silver gilt claret jugs rank amongst the finest made during the reign of Queen Victoria. The prestigious firm of Hunt and Roskell evolved out of the most famous retail name in the history of English silver, Rundell, Bridge and Rundell. John Samuel Hunt was the nephew of Paul Storr , the most eminent silversmith employed by Rundell's and had worked with Storr as a chaser. Storr took him on as a partner in the new firm of Storr and Mortimer which kept the same name until Storr's retirement in 1838.

William Eley - London 1837
Reilly & Storer - London 1844
John Figg - London 1862 & 1864 ( Pair ) 
These jugs are in the Rococo Revival style, influenced by the Rococo pieces of the 1730s and 1740s by master goldsmiths working in England. The handle and finial, in particular, show the influence of Paul de Lamerie. John Wilmin Figg, son of William Figg of Kenton in the County of Middlesex. Farmer, apprenticed to William Elliott of Compton Street, Clerkenwell, 1st February 1826. Free, 5th June 1833. First mark entered as plateworker, 31st July 1834. Address: 25 St John Street, Clerkenwell. Moved to 5 Wellington Street, St Luke's and second mark (two sizes), 10th May 1838. Moved to 6 Denmark Street, St Giles', 10th July 1848.
Edward, John & William Barnard - London 1858
James Charles Edington - London 1860
Stephen Smith - London 1865
Edward H. Stockwell - London 1868
John Figg - London 1872
William Leuchars - London 1885 The "Dragon & Frog" Decanter

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