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Carl Fabergу (1846 – 1920) - Coronation Egg

Coronation Egg  - Varicolored gold, platinum, enamel, diamonds, rubies, rock crystal, velvet lining
Initials of work master Henrik Wigström, assay-mark of St. Petersburg 1896-1908, the name Wigström roughly scratched on the inner surface of the shell, 56 (zolotnik), dated 1897 Presented by Tsar Nicholas II to Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna on Easter 1897, the Coronation Egg is one of the most celebrated Imperial eggs created by the House of Fabergé. Enameled a deep gold hue and adorned with a trellis of diamond-set Imperial eagles, the breathtaking design was inspired by the gold-embroidered and ermine-trimmed robes worn by the Imperial couple during the festivities. 

When opened, the surprise inside the egg is a removable replica of the coach that carried Alexandra to the coronation ceremony. At one time a glimpse through the carriage's windows revealed a tiny egg-shaped emerald and diamond-set pendant, but the current whereabouts of this jeweled surprise is unknown.

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