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Emile Galle, (French, 1846-1904)

Art Glass-A French Art Nouveau fire-polished

Emile Galle (Nancy, 8 May 1846 – Nancy, 23 September 1904) was a French artist who worked in glass, and is considered to be one of the major forces in the French Art Nouveau movement.Galle was the son of a faience and furniture manufacturer and studied philosophy, botany, and drawing in his youth. He later learned glassmaking at Meisenthal and came to work at his father's factory in Nancy following the Franco-Prussian War. His early work was executed using clear glass decorated with enamel, but he soon turned to an original style featuring heavy, opaque glass carved or etched with plant motifs, often in two or more colours as cameo glass. His friend and patron Robert de Montesquiou sent him to Bayreuth with a recommendation to Cosima Wagner, which led to a great enthusiasm for Parsifal. His career took off after his work received praise at the Paris Exhibition of 1878.

Vase La Carpe. Musee Des Arts Decoratifs-Paris
Libellules Et Cigale
Galle wheelcarved vase with flowers 
Africana-Musee - Des Arts Decroatifs-Paris
 The vase features poppy blossoms and fern leaves in brilliant shades of red and magenta on a clear ground with deep red accents
The Eternal Debate
Galle vase with Persian horseman
Three-Handled Vase with Dragonflies
Dragonfly Bowl Date ca. 1902 Artist Emile Galle, French, 1846-1904

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