вторник, 19 февраля 2013 г.

Carl Fabergу (1846 – 1920) - Rosebud Egg

Rosebud Egg - Varicolored gold, enamel, diamonds, velvet lining

Fabergé, initials of work master Michael Perchin, assay-mark of St. Petersburg, 56 (zolotnik), dated 1895 Continuing the tradition established by his father, the Rosebud Egg was the first Fabergé egg presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his bride Alexandra. Unlike previous Easter gifts, which on average took a year to complete, the House of Fabergé had only a few short months to create this present for the newly crowned Tsarina. Carefully designed to please its recipient, the translucent red-enameled exterior is decorated with Cupid's arrows and contains a miniature portrait of Tsar Nicholas II viewed through a table-cut diamond. Once opened, the egg reveals a yellow enameled rosebud, which blooms to disclose a ruby and diamond-set Imperial crown. The whereabouts of this final surprise is unknown today.

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